Dance Like Everyone’s Watching

Starring Ben Miller is our launch campaign and defines our central purpose - to call out ageism. We created this short film to provoke and challenge society’s perceptions around age and act as a rallying call to all to embrace their dreams at any age.

Our Values

Disruptive We are a disruptive force driving change in the way age is perceived in society which has led to our audience feeling ignored or disadvantaged.
Passionate We are passionate about our cause of age diversity embracing the aspirational style and positive tone of voice our audience want (and currently don't get.)
Unique Data We originate our digital audience by being their champion and create a unique data-set (no "like" competitor matching.)
Empowering By presenting our ideas, solutions and positivity about life after 55 we are a marketing engine educating our audience therefore empowering them to achieve the lifestyle they want.
Trusted We have an uncompromising audience led content strategy. We obsess over answering their questions with fierce honesty so that we build TRUST towards being an authoritative source of information.
Creating Value We create value for us and our audience through the simple power of providing accurate, targeted and timely information to them in an open, unbiased way.
Transparent We are transparent about our sources of income. In Financial and Legal services, we only generate revenue when our customers find solutions led by our content (no 'click-bait' for cash). In lifestyle we only work with partners who inspire our audience and offer content led aspirational ideas (no banner or pop-up ads).