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Join Us On This Journey To Redefine Life After 50

Our Quest

While the rest of the world has a way to go in catching up to the fact that age is not a barrier to ambition and lifestyle, we are working on solutions to bring society a step closer to an age inclusive culture.

55/Redefined doesn’t just want you to be content with the idea of ageing, we want you to be HAPPY. We celebrate the optimism of today’s 50+ life-stage and showcase inspiring like-minded people and businesses who won’t allow ageism to diminish their achievements.

Our Brands

Each of our 55/Redefined group companies tackles different and damaging aspects of ageism. Through all our work, we exclusively focus on supporting businesses and consumers to take action to fundamentally change their approach to the 50+ life phase which results in benefits for individuals and society in general.

Membership Platform

Life/Redefined is a free to join membership platform for today’s vibrant, thrill-seeking, healthy, young-minded, entrepreneurial, can-do, future-focused, on-the-pulse, passionate, fun-loving generation who just happen to be 50 or over. We share inspiring life stories and curate expert opinions on topics from career advice to financial planning to fitness and more.

Over-50s Job Board

The Jobs board is specifically for candidates who are 50+ to connect them with new careers or continue in the same career with employers who are actively supportive of age inclusive workplaces.

We showcase the work of the best age inclusive employers and celebrate their success. We also offer a range of resources for job candidates to support their career.

Employer Focused Platform

The B2B employer focused platform provides a portfolio of services including Age Inclusive Accreditation, and Age Unconscious Bias training.

It is also a marketplace with a Jobs Board for employers to reach and engage with 50+ talent, attracting major brands from ITV and Slater and Gordon to Hilton and Rank.

We Cover Everything Relevant to the Modern Over-50s Consumer

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Action

With our guiding principle to embrace the opportunities of life at 50 and beyond, we understand that a thriving natural environment and a healthy social environment are the foundations upon which people's lives are truly enriched.

Without these foundations, it is impossible to fulfil our mission to unlock age inclusivity's social and economic benefits.

Related Initiatives

In fact, support of ESG-related initiatives and 55/Redefined’s core social mission are intrinsically interlinked, including addressing climate change, promoting innovation, and supporting economic revitalisation through combatting ageism in employment.

Our partner and product decisions are, and will continue to be, based on the recognition that the protection of the global environment is essential.

As part of our ESG committment we commit to plant a tree for every new member who joins recommended by someone from our existing community. There is no limit to the number of friends you can recommend and we send our members details of the tree that has been planted as a thank you for supporting our community.

As we grow, we will continue to develop scalable initiatives that realise a more sustainable and fairer society for all, supporting a decarbonised society.